• Pastor Scott Archdekin

February 2021

“...we have many parts in one body, and all the parts do not have the same function, in the same way we who are many are one body in Christ and individually members of one another. According to the grace given to us, we have different gifts: If prophecy, use it according to the proportion of one’s faith; if service, use it in service; if teaching, in teaching; if exhorting, in exhortation; giving, with generosity; leading, with diligence; showing mercy, with cheerfulness.”

Romans 12:4-8 (CSB)

As the pandemic continues, things at the church keep churning. One of the big things going on is that the church committees are starting to get back to work. Often times serving on or being the chairperson of a committee comes with a very sarcastic “yay.” Yet, these committees are not designed to be one or two people forced to serve, just because we “need” a committee. They are designed to seek a wide variety of talent that anyone can find a way to serve the Body of Christ. I will be the first to warn, that serving on a committee you are not necessarily excited about can be life-draining, not life-giving. I also will warn against trying to serve on multiple committees as that can stretch you thin. Please, search your heart and find the talents God has given and cultivated within you and where best you can serve the Body of Christ. Being part of any church is a calling to be active in and committed to the church. Please, do not wait to be asked to serve. Do not wait for a personal invitation. Take the initiative, get with the chairperson of the committee or myself to express your interest in that committee.

Perhaps you have not been around this church a lot and do not know of the opportunities available to serve. So, let me give you a brief overview of the 5 committees:

The purpose of the Congregational Life Committee’s is to strengthen the fellowship bonds between one another in the congregation. The 2021 Chairperson is Mary Hopkins.

The purpose of the Education Committee is to ensure the congregation is being equipped for God’s work through educational activities. The 2021 Chairperson is Richard Canaday.

The purpose of the Missions/Outreach/Evangelism Committee (affectionately known as the MOE Committee) is to show Christ to those outside the congregation through acts of service and evangelism. The 2021 Chairperson is Staci Holsted.

The purpose of the Property Maintenance Committee is to maintain the Church property and the insurance thereof. The 2021 Chairperson is Anita Mcloughlin.

The purpose of the Worship Committee is to ensure a smooth and sanctifying experience during worship services. The 2021 Chairperson is Twyla Jagger.

I look forward to serving alongside you on the committee you feel God calling you to.

In Christian Love,

Pastor Scott

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