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Gettin' to Know Theo (January 2021)

Welcome to a new page. “Gettin’ to Know Theo” will be a regular entry at least for all of 2021. So, what’s the new section going to be used for? Well, let’s first start with figuring out who Theo is, then we can get to know him better. Theo is actually a Greek word. Theo (or θεός) is the Greek word for “God.” And while Theo means “God,” it is also the root for many other words and names. Theophilus, the individual that the Gospel of Luke (1:3) and the Book of Acts (1:1) is written to, his name means “Lover/friend of God.” We see other words also that start with Theo, such as theology, which is the study of God. And so, in this section each month we will dive into something about God. Something in theology that can help us grow closer to him or help us get to know Theo.

What topics will we be covering in this section? There is such a wide range. We could look at anything from how God reveals himself to us, the creation, the Trinity, Heaven & Hell, the Church, salvation, worship, what makes up a human being, and is the soul immortal. It’s all on the table.

Perhaps you are wondering why we are going to have this section? Why can’t we have a simple, basic faith where we just know Jesus as Savior without getting into these “heady” type topics. Well, because we are called to dig into these kinds of things to grow closer to God. We are told to not just have faith, but we are also to be prepared to make a defense of that faith (1st Peter 3:15). We are also called to be transformed, not by a simply faith, but by “the renewing of our minds” (Romans 12:2). Scripture makes clear that our faith is not just a “heart” faith, but a “head” faith as well. You see, Scripture never assumes that one person in the church would be a theologian (one who studies theology), but it makes the assumption that all who are part of the church are theologians.

We are all theologians. No matter what we say, if it is about God, it is theology. It may be good/sound theology or it could be bad theology, but it is theology none the less. I am reminded of an internet meme I saw a few years ago. One person said, “Don’t worry about theology, just love others and let God sort it out.” And another individual looked shocked and said, “That’s a theological statement!”

So please, check back here each month as we will be gettin’ to know theo.

Your Resident Theology Nerd,

Pastor Scott

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