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Cole & Sarah

Guatemalan Orphanage

Guatamalan Missionaries

Our Mission is to provide refuge and shelter for needy children coming from poverty, shattered homes, abandonment, or children orphaned through death.  We meet the physical needs of children in order to have the opportunity to meet their spiritual needs.


Casa De Mi Padre (My Father's House) was established as a Children's home where children receive hope, stability, food, clothing, shelter, family, schooling, solid Biblical instruction, and living examples of God's love.

A Transitioning Program is available for those children that have been in the orphanage and have turned 18.  Our ministry continues helping them as they journey toward independence.  We find Guatemalan Christian families for them to live with as we continue funding their education.

Cole & Sarah both grew up in Saint Joseph, MO and were married in January 2018, welcoming their first child in November 2018.  Cole has served full-time at Casa De Mi Padre since 2016 and Sarah joined him in his work after they were married. 


As the assistant director, Cole's main responsibilities center on managing the staff, discipleship of the kids, leading the transitional ministry, and being in charge of the children's home when the director is away.  Sarah assists with administrative work and financial record keeping, as well as teaching music lessons to some of the kids.

They enjoy sharing with others about the transformation work God is doing int he lives of the children they serve, not to mention the life-changing testimonies of their own conversions to faith in Christ.

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